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Steadfast Teens Study Guides

Steadfast Teens for Group Studies and Individual Use

Steadfast Teens is designed to help youth gain training and endurance to stay in the race, and to provide them with the proper motivation. The nine topics are: bullying; bullying and the bystanders; purity; eating disorders; substance abuse; cutting; abuse─physical, emotional and sexual; suicide; and witnessing. T

Our outline consists of: opening prayer; discussion groups, or for individual use, discussion questions (Setting the Pace); watching a clip from the movie Steadfast; lesson (Running the Race); watching a testimony from someone who has dealt with the issue; call to Jesus/invitation (Preparing for the Finish Line); worship with a song from the Steadfast soundtrack; and closing prayer (Endurance). Scenes from the movie, the testimonies, and the songs for each session are used for the discussion period, worship, and follow-up.

Handouts are included with discussion questions, tips, resources, and helpline contact numbers. There are also encouraging scriptures and a memory verse relative to each topic. We are believing for a move of the Holy Spirit in everyone because Jesus is still the main answer to every problem.