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Product Description: They're ordinary teens with everyday struggles. Family, school…the pressure to be someone when others tell you that you’re no one. A group of classmates who discover that the oppositions in their personal lives are much tougher than any sports competition. When an unexpected tragedy changes the playing field and tests their endurance, who will remain steadfast?

This movie is recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation and awarded the Faith-Friendly 12+ and Family Approved 12+ Seal of Approval. "Steadfast" does a great job in making a statement: bullying is not acceptable!.... This thought provoking film features a lot of teen angst and the various problems they face. It also makes clear that their battles are not only natural, but spiritual as well. The ending is filled with promise and hope.

A powerful ministry tool, this faith-based coming of age movie features an inspirational soundtrack and also offers a nine-session study guide for both teens and parents. Study Guides

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Product Description: This Resource Video is designed for use together with the Steadfast Teens and Steadfast Parents Study Guides based on the movie, Steadfast.

For each of the nine sessions, this video includes clips and music from the movie, along with real life testimonies from people who have dealt with the subject matters.

Sessions include: Bullying; Bullying and the Bystander; Purity; Eating Disorders; Substance Abuse; Cutting; Abuse (Physical, Emotional and Sexual); Suicide; and Witnessing.

Clips from the movie begin each discussion time, soundtrack music is used for worship, and real life testimonies end the lessons.

Get equipped with the Sword needed to fight every battle!