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Steadfast Soundtrack

Steadfast Inspirational Music

Song Samples

  • Let it Go Play Button for Sample Song
  • Desperate Play Button for Sample Song
  • Hiding in the Dark Play Button for Sample Song
  • Broken Clay Play Button for Sample Song
  • There is a Choice Play Button for Sample Song
  • It is for Jesus Play Button for Sample Song
  • This is our Reality Play Button for Sample Song
  • Now I See Play Button for Sample Song
  • Wait Play Button for Sample Song
  • You Looks Good on You Play Button for Sample Song
  • Can't Climb This Mountain Play Button for Sample Song
  • When it all Fades Away Play Button for Sample Song
  • Made New PLay Button for Sample Song
  • Only You Play Button for Sample Song (in movie but not on soundtrack)


Thirteen inspirational songs from the movie, Steadfast. Contemporary Christian. Approximately 46 min.




Contemporary Christian Music

Gifted artists lent their talents to create an inspiring soundrack for Steadfast. The words reflect the heart of each situation. The soundtrack includes pre-recorded songs along with original scores created specifically for the movie.



Let it Go and When it all Fades Away

Livingsong is a Christian rooted group of musicians and vocalists from the Daytona Beach, Florida area. Their music is a synergy of meaningful lyrics of love, hope and faith, combined with a melodic yet intense transfixion of instruments.

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Honey Swihart

Hiding in the Dark

Before coming to Daytona Beach with her husband, Aaron Swihart, a two-time Grammy award winning recording engineer, Honey Swihart was a singer in Nashville for the past eight years, and is an experienced and gifted worship leader with a flair for jazz and blues.

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Common Ground

Only You

Common Ground Band is the worship team at Atlantic Coast Church in New Smyrna Beach. Consisting of musicians from all backgrounds, diverse but all with the same purpose in mind; bringing honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Mickie Greenhalgh

Wait and It is for Jesus

Part of the worship team at Tomoka Christian Church in Ormond Beach, Florida, with an angelic voice Mickie sings Wait, written for the movie by Barbara Shoner and co-written by Sam Herbruck, who also plays guitar; and It is for Jesus, an original song created for the movie by Douglas Mursu, music by Dave Curtis.


Courtney Raley

You Looks Good on You

From Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, Florida where her father is lead pastor, Courtney Raley is a talented singer and songwriter. She wrote and sang the inspiring song, You Looks Good on You.

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Still Water

Broken Clay and Now I See

Still Water is a cutting edge modern rock band with fresh new Indie Rock sounds. The solid rock sound this band creates captures the hearts of fans everywhere.

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Sean Dolich

This is our Reality

Sean Dolich grew up in a musical family. He spent many years serving at Tomoka Christian Church where he played acoustic and electric guitar as well as bass and drums. He began composing and recording at an early age, eventually getting into music production. He founded the bands "All The Kings Horses" and "Aglacia." Most recently, he has been writing for and producing the band, "Silence," and has spent the last year touring all over the U.S. with them. 


Derek Triplett & The Hope Fellowship Chorale

There is a Choice

Bishop Derek Triplett is the founding pastor of Hope Fellowship Church in Daytona Beach, Florida and an extraordinary songwriter. This catchy song with a powerful message is the song for the regional dance competition between Moriah's team and Claire's team.

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Chandler Groover

Desperate and Can't Climb This Mountain

Gifted from a young age, Chandler Groover is an incredibly talented up and coming artist. He wrote, sang and played the piano for Desperate. Can't Climb This Mountain was written for the movie by Barbara Shoner and her son, Jacob Shoner (who plays Jesse), with vocals and piano performed by Chandler Groover.


Aaron Swihart

Soundtrack Music Consultant and Sound Engineer for Hiding in the Dark

With more than 17 years of sound engineering experience that includes two Grammy Awards, Aaron has worked with Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, Peter Frampton, Faith Hill, and Keith Urban to name a few; and has been a recording engineer on major motion picture soundtracks, including How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Horse Whisperer, South Park, and The Prince of Egypt. We were blessed to have him produce Hiding in the Dark with his lovely wife, Honey Swihart, and to also consult on some of our other songs. Aaron was instrumental in bringing the movie soundtrack together.


Elliot Daniels ("K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E")

Mastered the soundtrack songs "It is for Jesus," "Wait," "Made New," "Desperate," "Can't Climb This Mountain," "Hiding in the Dark," "This is our Reality", and "Only You"

K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E. has recorded albums as well as performed with artists such as Point of Grace, Rebecca St. James, Fire Flight, Urban D, Los 1, LP, Shari and several other artists of the Gospel/Christian genre. He is also an award recipient of the 2006 GOSPEL RAP SHOWCASE AWARDS. He is also the founder of the Christian Rap and Contemporary Gospel/Praise Internet Radio Station, Blood Bought Radio. 

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Charles and Melanie Dolich

Musicians and Sound Consultants

Talented musicians and worship leaders for Tomoka Christian Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. Charles played violin in Desperate. Being involved in this project from the beginning, the Dolich's were influental not only with the soundtrack but also with the movie itself. Charles played Abby's math teacher and both were in another scene in the movie, while their daughter was one of the dancers on Claire's team and their son wrote and performed This is Our Reality. They allowed us to film in their home and they were also helpful in promoting Steadfast


Charles and Melanie Dolich Photo

Alex Budzilek

Musician, Vocals and Sound Engineer for "Wait", "Desperate," "Can't Climb This Mountain," "It is for Jesus," and "Made New"

Multi-talented and with a heart for worship, Alex of Sound Mind Studios not only recorded and mixed he songs, but he also played instruments and lent his amazing vocals to Wait, It is for Jesus, and Made New. He also wrote, sang, and composed Made New.